The Northern Action Group Inc (NAG) has worked tirelessly since October 2009 to achieve a democratic outcome for our community’s local governance.

In 2013 the community of North Rodney (Puhoi North) told us overwhelmingly (through a poll indicating 94% support) that they did not want to be part of Auckland and would embrace an independent unitary council for the area.

Accordingly, we are conducting an ongoing campaign to put pressure on the politicians to restore our democracy.

We are making it very clear that if they continue to ignore what is the desire of this community to leave the Auckland Council and have our own Unitary Council then they can no longer take our support for granted. 

However we cannot do it on ‘thin air’

We need your help

Our (widely supported but unfortunately unsuccessful) application to the Local Government Commission and subsequent appeal have survived on very modest funding from volunteers, our own pockets and a few generous donations from members of the Community.

But we must fight on!

To fund more advertising or professional services, we must appeal for financial support from you - "our community.”

There are over 20,000 of us in North Rodney, so the price of a cup of coffee or two (more if you can afford it) from a large percentage of you will soon build into a significant amount.  Your contribution will help relieve the burden from our benefactor.

Donations can be sent to:
The Treasurer
Northern Action Group Inc.
51 Kaipara Flats Rd
Warkworth 0981

Or by direct credit to our bank account at Warkworth ASB

Account no. 12-3095-0233547-00

Yours sincerely

Bill Foster
Chairman- Northern Action Group Inc.

"Putting the 'local' back into our Local Government"

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