The Northern Action Group Incorporated is an apolitical organization made up of a wide range of members from all around the North Rodney community including Farmers, retirees, businessmen, professionals, housewives and past RDC councilors.

We originally formed in October 2009 following the overturn of the Govt. select committee’s recommendation to leave us out of the proposed super city . This action completely swept aside this communities democratically expressed preference not to be included. The LG Minister Hon. Rodney Hide cited a large number of requests he had received by phone calls, Cards, letters and Emails from people requesting that North Rodney (NR) be included in the proposed super city.
Following a denied OIA request and finally a complaint to the Ombudsman by us he was forced to disclose that the actual number from NR was just 28 who had expressed a preference to be included. Using such a small number to overturn a major recommendation was, we considered, simply wrong and that he had mis-lead Parliament causing a Law to be passed on incorrect information .
This is a direct contravention of Parliaments standing orders and a complaint was made to the speaker, Lockwood Smith , which received no response.

We collected a 6300 strong petition requesting the decision be overturned and the original recommendation be reinstated but this was also ignored by Government.
We were forced into recess by a 3 year embargo on any more reorganization proposals following which we reconvened to continue the fight to get back our democracy.

We modeled a new Unitary Council which a poll showed was supported by over 90 % of the NR community. Accordingly we prepared a detailed proposal and filed it with the Local Government Commission (LGC) for consideration. The LGC took 8 months to decide not to assess our proposal on the grounds that it was ‘not in the public interest’.

In August 2014 we became an incorporated society
(see constitution here) in preparation for a High Court appeal against the LGC decision which was found in our favour and the Judge ruled that the Commission was to reconsider their decision.

We remain committed to restoring a democratic outcome to the issue of this communities local governance.

"Putting the 'local' back into our Local Government"

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